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"Shape Memory Alloy Fasteners" A detailed paper on the technology of shape memory alloy fasteners. (2016)
"Hermetic Seal Designs for Sample Return Sample Tubes" JPL studies seal designs for returning soil samples from Mars. Three of them are based on shape memory alloys. (2013)
"Development of a Nano-Satellite Micro-Coupling Mechanism With Characterization of a Shape Memory Alloy Interference Joint" The Naval Postgraduate School studies the use of a UniLok ring which is press fit through two components. The components are held together by friction with the martensitic ring. When the ring is heated it contracts, disengaging from the components. The ring serves as a zero shock, highly reliable release mechanism for use in space. The work utilized Alloy G nitinol rings. (2010)
"Characterization of Shape Memory
Alloys for Safety Mechanisms"
Sandia National Labs describes the use of UniLok rings as a fastener to join ferrite components into a disk assembly. Most of the paper details dilatometer and thermo-mechanical tensile testing of NiTiNb rings and tensile rods to generate materials property data. (2008)
"An Autonomous Passive Optics Bench Release/Reclamp Device Using
Shaped Memory Alloys"

JPL integrated SMA axially expanding washers into the structure of a spacecraft borne spectrometer optical bench. The precision bench became distorted when bolted to the launch support structure. SMA washers were incorporated into the bolted joints. At room temperature the washers are austenitic and provide a rigid load path for launch. Once deployed, the structure cools far below room temperature and two-way shape memory causes the washers to contract, freeing the structure from the larger assembly. (2005)
"Shape-Memory-Alloy Thermal-Conduction Switches"

JPL engineers evaluate a concept for varaible thermal conductance bolted joints using two way shape memory washers. The washers were trained to expand in thickness when heated and contract in thickness when cooled. (1999)

"Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Ti44Ni47Nb9 alloy
in simulated body fluids"
Research from China shows that adding Nb to NiTi alloys improves corronsion resistance to simulated body fluids. This suggests that NiTiNb shape memory alloys, like our Alloy H, could safely be used in implant environments where binary NiTi alloys have already proven suitable. The composition of the NiTiNb alloy tested matches the nominal composition of Intrinsic's Alloy H. (2005)
"The Estimation of Corrosion Behavior of NiTi and NiTiNb Alloys Using Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy" A more recent paper from Romania confirms the superior corrosion resistance of NiTiNb to the binary NiTi currently used in medical applications. Again, the NiTiNb alloy studied had a very similar composition to our Alloy H. (2013)
Wah Chang Outlook, vol. 23 #4 Story on Intrinsic Devices excerpted from Wah Chang's quarterly newsletter. (2002)
"Actuation and Fastening with Shape Memory Alloys in the Automotive Industry" This Raychem paper focusus on potential and actual automotive applications of multi-cycle nitinol actuators and fastener rings. (1992)
"Shape Memory Alloys: Forming a Tight Fit" This paper describes the basic technology of shape memory alloys as it relates to fastening. The unique characteristics of these materials translate into superior fastener performace. The paper was published by Raychem Corporation in Mechanical Engineering Magazine, October 1991.
"Wide Hysteresis NiTiNb Alloys" An early paper on NiTiNb published by Raychem Corporation that describes the rationale for the development of a wide hysteresis shape memory alloy. The function of the niobium addition is explained and some characteristics of the alloy are described. This was an early version of Intrinsic's Alloy H. (1989)
"Wide Hysteresis Shape Memory Alloys Based on the NiTiNb System" Another Raychem paper covering similar information as the one above. (1989)

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