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Product Configurations

Below are examples of the various geometries we produce. You will only find specifications for contracting rings made with Alloy H on this website. Please contact us if you would like information on other shapes and thermo-mechanical charateristics.

Contracting Ringsmemory metal heat shrinkable contracting ring

This is the most widely used configuration.  These rings are delivered in the expanded condition and contract about 5% in diameter when heated.  Shrink temperatures range from -120°C to +130°C, depending on the alloy used.  Rings are fabricated with a machined rectangular cross section or made by forming and welding round wire. These are produced in all alloys.

Expanding Rings  shape memory alloy expanding ring

These rings expand in diameter when heated, rather than contracting.  Expansion is about 2.5% on the outside diameter.  Consider these for applications where a contracting ring cannot be designed in.   These can be produced in all alloys.

nitinol tensile actuator contracting rodTensioning Rods 

Rods contract about 5% in length when heated.  Various threaded and button head configurations are possible.  Available in all alloys on a custom basis.   These are most frequently specified in Alloys G or N for use as high force single cycle actuators.  Multi-cycle applications are possible, though the stroke and the loading must be de-rated.


Expanding Pins NiTiNb sma metal expanding pin

These plain cylindrical pins expand about 2.25% in diameter when heated.  They are typically used as zero insertion force dowel pins or as hole plugs in high pressure or restricted access applications.  They are available in Alloys H, G and N.

Expanding Washers  nitinol temperature responsive expanding washer

These thick washers expand in length along their axis when heated and contract when cooled.  The primary application is to load and unload joints in response to ambient temperature.  These can be produced in all alloys.

Custom NiTi Alloy Devices other

We can produce other shapes using our standard alloys.  Let us know what you need.

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