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Intrinsic Devices specializes in the manufacture of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy products used for fastening, sealing and electrical interconnection.   We produce a family of standard heat shrinkable metal rings under the name UniLok.  Other  products include tensioning rods, expanding rings, and expanding plugs and pins.

Our products incorporate sophisticated materials science in order to deliver ease of use, exceptional performance and the ultimate in reliability.  Intrinsic's fasteners are self-installing, building controlled preload forces which are independent of component tolerances and operator-to-operator variation.  Just position the part and heat it above the specified temperature.  As long as the mating components meet dimensional requirements, repeatable performance is assured.

We serve commercial and military OEM's worldwide with quality products delivered on time.  Applications include sensors, downhole tools, aerospace systems, process equipment, munitions, marine hardware, medical devices and sports equipment. 

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UniLok® Heat Shrinkable Metal Rings, our primary product line
shrink ring cartoon, martensite to austenite

Overview of UniLok Product Line

UniLok Application Examples

Standard Products

machined memory metal shrink ring Heat shrinkable rings with machined rectangular cross-sections.

English Units  AHE Series (PDF)

Metric Units    AHM Series (PDF)
welded nitinol fastener shrink ring

Heat shrinkable rings produced by forming and welding round wire.

English Units  BHE Series (PDF)

Metric Units     BHM Series (PDF)

Heat expandable pins

English Units  PHE Series (PDF)

Metric Units     PHM Series (PDF)
UniLok Part Numbering System (PDF)
Ring Clamping Force Calculation (PDF)
Installation and Removal Instruction, HTR (PDF)
Material Properties (PDF)

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  welded wire and machined heat shrink metal rings